Our Services

These are some of our additional ministry for you as a customer of Riviera Dream:

When you arrive at the view:
*Offer to rent one of our apartments in Antibes and Golfe Juan
*Utilize one of our partner hotels in Nice, Juan Les Pins and Cannes at a reduced price
*Assistance with transportation to and from the airport

In connection with the purchase:
*Assistance with translation of contracts and other document executed by authorized translator

After the acquisition :
*Assistance in arranging all practical matters such as ordering current subscriptions , telephone , TV , internet etc.
*Provision of services such as transportation to and from the airport, procurement assistance, the main cleaning of residential, cleaning the patio and garden furniture, painting and minor repairs, yard work, etc.
*Periodic safety checks and inspections when the building is not in use for extended periods of time
*Offers for French lessons via Skype from Our real estate consultant Jane Thalberg.

Want to rent your home ?
Riviera Dream offers our customers a deal where we take care of all the practicalities rental. Thus, release both advertising, money management, key management and other practical You can choose to rent only to tenants Norwegian or even foreigners

We take care of :
* Advertising on Norwegian and foreign websites
* Help with finding the right rental rate
* Enter into leases with tenants
* Claiming and managing rental income transfer to the owner’s account
* The owner can access the updated calendar where agreed rental periods shown. It also displays the owner’s own use of the apartment
* Photos and Description of apartment and rental conditions placed on www.rivieradream.no. See apartmens now for rental here
* Make appointment with agency on the Riviera as:
* Make appointments and meetings tenants when renting object
* Organizer with the apartment keys
* Delivering the clean linens , towels , soap , bath mat and the like
* Brushing tenants about the various procedures in the apartment (Waste Management, etc.)
* Accepts deposit
* Make check of the apartment inventory at check-out
* Delivers deposit back if everything is in order. Otherwise retained the deposit
as compensation for any brekages
* Final cleaning after each tenant
* Regular inspection of the apartment during periods that are not leased or used by the owner
* Transport to and from Nice Airport if required

* Written contact is entered into between the owner of the apartment and Riviera Dream.The agreement may be terminated if either party wishes.

The costs for this rental service with everything included (except advertising expenses) will account for only about 30 % of the week hire !

See how we put up the view for yourself here: Viewingtrip Plan
Contact us for more information and conditions : post@rivieradream.no

Jane can also offer a course in French via Skype. Have a look here.

Jane Thalberg
Real estate consulant.


Here is Nobles and Sons in Cannes:
67, Rue Félix Faure – 06400 CANNES, FRANCE

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